Serve the World

Being involved in God’s plan for loving the world is important to us. There are three primary partnerships we have developed to help us impact the world for God’s glory.
Each year we host a food packing event where we set up a ‘life line’ and put together highly nutritious meals to send to other countries in need. This event usually happens in December and we invite our community to come and serve with use. You can use this LINK to find out more about this wonderful organization.
We value helping children and Compassion allows us to directly support a child in need. We host yearly ‘Compassion Days’ at church where we encourage our members to sponsor a child. For a few dollars a month, we can help a child escape from poverty and learn about Jesus.
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For the past several years we have taken quarterly offerings to support hunger relief around the world. We love this offering as 100% of the money received goes directly to hunger relief and development ministries around the world.
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