Go Local

loving others in Jesus name

WHCC's goal is to make a difference in our local community by encouraging our members to go and serve outside the walls of the church, in Jesus name.
Our community is unique. Within a mile of our church are million dollar homes and government subsidized apartments. This presents a great opportunity to minister and serve.
We seek to minister to the unique needs of our community around us with the resources that are unique to Western Hills. Our primary connection with our community is through our relationship with Western Hills Primary School. This pre k-1st grade school is a 'forgotten' campus and tends to be left out of benefits and programs. We have the opportunity to minister to parents/faculty, students and their families throughout the year.
Please join us on our next go local mission. We'd love to talk to you about your passion to reach out to others and see how we can help you go! Our Mission Team or staff pastors would love to visit with you and help you develop a plan to Go Local and serve our community.
For information on any local opportunity, contact the office at office@westernhillsbc.com or 817-244-0216.

Opportunities for Local Service

  • Help lead worship at local retirement homes
  • Volunteer at the North Texas Food Bank
  • Serve at West Aid
  • Coach Sports Teams
  • Coach Reading and mentor at Western Hills Primary School
  • Participate in Relay for Life
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