Faith In Action

loving others in Jesus name

Each fall we shut down church. That is right we close church, so we can go be the church and serve in our community. In other words we put our faith into action.

Why do we Cancel our Regular Church Service One Day Each Year?

Change Your Church from the Inside Out

  • Change focus to "others" instead of "ourselves"
  • Raise awareness of local, national and global needs
  • Create closeness and unity as your church members work side-by-side
  • Deepen spiritual commitment and church involvement
  • Help every person realize that they can make a difference!

Reach the Community Through Service

  • Build relationships between your church and community organizations
  • Invite unchurched friends by inviting them to come serve with you
  • Make friends with individuals who do not attend church.
  • Plant spiritual seeds through service
  • Share God's love in a tangible way
  • Move your members from inactive to active
If you are interested in serving the Western Hills Community, you don't have to be a member to join with us. Keep an eye out as our Faith In Action Sunday usually happens in early October. You can keep up to date with happenings by joining us on Facebook or Twitter, just click on the social bar below.
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