Class Descriptions

As we seek to be the healthiest church possible, the CLASS system will play a key role in this process. CLASS stands for:
Christian Leadership and Spirituality Seminars
These four seminars are designed as our core spiritual growth process. When Jesus first met his disciples he said, ‘come and see.’ Jesus wanted his followers to observe his life and see how much love and power he had to give. As the disciples grew in their faith, Jesus ‘turned up the heat’ or the intensity and told them they had to carry their own cross. In essence Jesus was saying ‘come and die to yourselves and live for me.’ These seminars are designed to give us the motivation and tools to take that same journey with the disciples.
101 - Starting Point - Most people have no idea about the benefit and importance of Church Membership. Our church places a value on what the Bible says about being a church member. People who attend this class will gain an introduction to our church family and learn who we are and what we believe. It includes four segments: Our Salvation, Our Statements, Our Strategy, and Our Structure.
201 - Growth Point -This is a class about spiritual growth and serves as an introduction to spiritual habits you will use the rest of your life to grow closer to God. This class describes the four essential spiritual habits every Christian needs to develop in order to maintain life-long spiritual growth and vitality. Growth Point is both informational and practical.
301 - Serve Point - Do you know your spiritual gifts and are you using them at church? Serve Point is a seminar that will walk through a discovery process where you will identify how your SHAPE - your spiritual gifts, heart desires, abilities, personality and life experiences have uniquely created you to serve God. This is a fun class which will also include some coaching about where you can plug in and use your SHAPE at Western Hills.
401 - Launching Point - will help you discover your calling, learn how to share your story with others, write down your personal testimony, and see how to impact the world around you with Christ’s love. Never be nervous about sharing your faith with someone else again!
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