Hello All,
How has your week been going? I had a couple of hectic days that were less than stellar. I found myself growing more and more frustrated with my situation. I found this fun video that really changed my outlook and lifted my spirits, I hope you enjoy it.
Our Western Hills University classes are in full swing and have been going great! Check out out website for the full schedule, I have heard great reviews about our women's Bible study that meets on Thursday nights. These classes would be a great place to invite a friend who does not go to church.
I just finished reading John Grisham's Sycamore Row, have you read it? There is a powerful message of forgiveness and reconcilliation that weaves its way throughout the book. He tells such a good story and I found the Author and Perfector of our faith at work in this book and while I was reading it in my heart as well.
A great quote I read in Essentialism by Craig Mckeown
"There is tremendous freedom in learning that we can eliminate the nonessentials, that we are no longer controlled by other people’s agendas, and that we get to choose. With that invincible power we can discover our highest point of contribution, not just to our lives or careers, but to the world."
Sometimes saying NO is the best thing possible.
Hope you have a great weekend and let me know how I may pray for you,

Pastor Chris
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