As we continue to be church together I think it is imporant to continue to move forward, to prayerfully keep asking God for wisdom and guidance. Having a missionary mentality in everything we do and allowing the Great Commission as found in Matthew 28 to fuel our understanding of how to be church.
One of the things I am going to start doing is having a specific gospel presentation on the first Sunday of each month. I will contine to do this on other Sunday's as I feel led, but on the first Sunday of each month I will take a little more time sharing the plan of salvation and inviting people to pray to receive Christ as their Savior. Having this as a regular event might help you as you are inviting your friends to church. You may want to focus in on a first Sunday if your friend/guest is not a follower of Jesus. Don't just invite them to chuch, take them out to lunch after as well (just don't criticize the preacher. Ha!).
There are two volunteer positions that I would love to see filled. The first is a social media coordinator, someone who loves to be online a lot and can coordinate with our staff, ministries and website company to develop a social media strategy. The second position is a small group ministry point person, someone who is passionate about helping our leadership develop our small group ministry and leaders. If you are a WHBC member who feels gifted in either of these areas please let me know and we can visit.
On a final note: I am still holding open the offer to you for free life-coaching. If you need to set goals, make a decision, accomplish a project, set a new course, or create a plan to move forward? then you might want to consider life-coaching. We can do the sessions over the phone and it is quite helpful. Just shoot me an email at and we will set it up.

Pastor Chris
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