Hello All;
Someone mentioned to me that they have really enjoyed my sermons on Dancing with the Spirit. I have to confess to you, I have enjoyed preaching them. I also have to confess that I have prayed a lot more often both personally, for these sermons and for you all (WHBC) recently. The drive to Waco has allowed me time to renew my prayer life and I consider it a gift from God. Let me know how I can pray for you and around Alvarado on 1-35, I will be lifting you and your needs up to the Lord.
Easter is a couple of weeks away. Easter is usually one of our most attended Sunday's each year. Would you begin praying for someone to invite to our Easter worship service? It would be fun to have someone take pictures at our 'living cross' of our guests and their families. We can get their info and send them a picture as a gift. If you are a closet photographer let me know and we can get this in the works.
There are two volunteer positions that I would love to see filled. The first is a social media coordinator, someone who loves to be online a lot and can coordinate with our staff, ministries and website company to develop a social media strategy. The second position is a small group ministry point person, someone who is passionate about helping our leadership develop our small group ministry and leaders. If you are a WHBC member who feels gifted in either of these areas please let me know and we can visit.
Two fun articles about productivity caught my eye this week:
Kelly shared an article about how to encourge young boys and challenge them to live fully engaged, I found it practical and if you have kids or grandkids at home I think you will as well.
On Friday 5/13, our church will provide a lunch for the staff of Western Hills Primary School faculty. The Missions Team hosts this event each year, it is on my calendar, I hope you can come and help us turn this Friday the 13th into a day of blessing for these teachers.
And of course, one of our biggest outreach opportunities is Saturday the 19th our EASTER EGG HUNT! Invite some kids who live near you, pray that people are saved, help fill eggs this Wednesday. It is going to be a blast.

Pastor Chris
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