One thing remains the same, things change. The more I visit with pastors and talk with people involved with churches around the state, the more I realize we are not alone in the challenges we face. In order to 'be church' there are a lot of new skills we are going to have to acquire, much like our friends Tom and Joan Norman did when they were on the mission field. This is why one of our church values is having a missionary mindset. The reality for us at WHBC is that if we are going to be here in a few years, we each have to take the responsibility of being missionaries.
1. Invite people to worship.
2. Go out of their way to ask people how they are doing.
3. Pray for people they come in contact with.
4. Give their finances to God's work generously.
5. Worship God with joy and thanksgiving.
6. Are on the lookout to find people who are not connected with God and serve them in Jesus name.
I am sure there are a lot more actions of a missionary, but that is a great list to start with. Are you being a missionary?
A couple of interesting articles I came across you may find interesting:
This first one How to Recognize Spiritually Receptive People in Your Community helps us missionaries identify spiritually receptive people in our area.
This second article
5 Practices of a Peaceful Home, helps us be missionaries with our familes.

I also ran across this prayer from a 17th century St. Dimitri I though you might find useful.
Come, my Light, and illumine my darkness.
Come, my Life, and revive me from death.
Come, my Physician, and heal my wounds.
Come, Flame of divine love, and burn up the thorns of my sins, kindling my heart with the flame of thy love.
Come, my King, sit upon the throne of my heart and reign there.
For thou alone art my King and my Lord.

Pastor Chris
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