In two weeks we are going to have a special day at WHBC. On 11/13 we are going to celebrate being church together by each inviting someone to join us. We have been talking about #bringyour1 for a while and felt that this was a great time to plan a Sunday around bringing a guest. We are not going to put on a show, but simply show people who our church is - a place where we learn together and invite others to become committed followers of Jesus. This week start by praying and asking God to help you know who to invite. Grab a blue invite card from church if you need one, but keep it simple. Here are a few suggestions by some important people.
We will need some 'goodies' for the welcome center for guests to munch on and a few more greeters around the campus. I will share a simple message - How to be Best Friends with God #Bringyour1...this is going to be fun.
Kelly sent me this video, and I loved it...let me know if you can keep a dry eye after you watch it.
Keep in mind this week that Jesus loves you and you are very special to him!
Pastor Chris
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