1. Next week (in 2 Sunday's on 10/30) is the Texas Baptist offering for World Hunger. Take a look at this VIDEO to catch a glimpse of what our offering does.
2. We need cars to commit for Trunk or Treat, please email Kristy at kristy.r.raley@gmail.com to get signed up. It REALLY helps to let her know if you and your car are going to be there.
3. What is #bringyour1? Come Sunday and find out.
4. I listened to an interesting podcast about being a guest friendly church - http://thomrainer.com/2016/10/churches-really-arent-friendly-guests-rainer-leadership-265/ 
There is a lot going on in our little church. I have loved teaching the joint Sunday Bible Study and giving our teachers a much needed break.
We have a big mission - to learn together and invite others to become committed followers of Jesus. We have 4 Connection Groups studying the bible this fall, we had an outreach to parents and their children where they painted in our fellowship hall and did you notice that there were 6 visitors in worship with us on Sunday?!?
Lucas sent me this note after our children's event - Praise the Lord! What a great event to kick off our family fun events. I got to meet April (mom) and Max. Max is in fourth grade and loves math. He thinks he can beat me at video games at the next event in November. We shall see. I also met with Stefanie (mom) and Alonso. Alonso is in Kindergarten and he's going to be a cop for Halloween. They asked about coming back for Trunk or Treat. I'm going to be praying for these families every day until the next event.
What an honor to meet people and pray for them, asking God to bless their lives. It is exciting to be part of a church that is investing in our community and caring for individuals. Who can you pray for today?
Pastor Chris
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