What IF...it is a great question to ask. What if we changed our church culture where it was the norm that everyone brought guests on a consistent basis to worship? What if we had 30 children show up on Sunday? What if we doubled our attendance in 4 years? Who would that bring to church, what needs would they have, what new opportunites of service would that bring us? All great questions that only start if we think with a possibility framework. Some might say that the Bible would call that a faith framework.
I am very excited to be givning the Sunday Bible Study teachers a much needed sabbatical for the next five weeks. We will all be in Bible Study together, please take a look at the 2nd Chapter entitled Grace for this week's lesson (There are several extra books in the Discovery Class). We will meet in the Discovery Class, look forward to seeing you there.
I attached a summary from a podcast I listened to about leadership. The interview was with Dan Reiland, who was John Maxwell's #2 guy for years. He was asked what were the top 5 leadership lessons he learned from John over the years. I thought you might enjoy.
If you are stuck, need to make a decision or work through an issue, let me know. Life Coaching is a great tool to help you move forward, we can visit over the phone and within a few minutes you will be able to see a plan that fits your specific need emerge. Shoot me an email if you are interested! I would love to serve.
This was an interesting podcast about types of dying churches. http://thomrainer.com/2016/09/four-models-dying-churches-rainer-leadership-259/ 
One thing I know (if you listen to the above) is that I don't want to be a church that dies. There are too many people in our neighborhood that need Jesus. Would you begin to pray for those people? Would you also bring a friend this Sunday to church, they will love it!
Have a great week, let me know how I might pray for you!
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