One of our Values is Servant Leadership - The idea that we all understand we lead/influnce others, but we do so in a way that serves first. Serving at its root is looking out for the others best! The funny thing about servant leadership is that when everyone serves we all benefit.

Leadership defined is simply influencing others. We all lead on some level. However or a church to fuction healthy leadership is key. It has been said that everything rises on falls on leadership, so having healthy leadershipis essential to our church.

Romans 12.8 lists leadership as a gift and is sandwiched between the gifts of giving and mercy.

We tend to think negatively about leadership, because we have seen its abuse. Yet when ledership is led by servanthood, then it is both powerful and useful to the church. Every church needs leaders in order to move forward and when the leaders are committed to following Christ it works!

Would you pray today for our church leaders?

We are giving our Bible Study leaders a sabbatical. For several weeks (9/25-10/30) we will all have Sunday morning Bible study together. If we can fit we will be in the Discovery Class and using Fully Devoted - living each day in Jesus' name for our curriculum. We have 40 copies available, however if you want a kindle version you can get one pretty cheap. We will teach all the 'g' lessons, it will make sense when you see the book.

Here is a take on leadership in the local church; it is a little different, but worth the read.

Here is the weed article. It works if you are into a green, weed free lawn.

Have a great week, be a servant leader!

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