10 things I love about WHBC (But not the only things!)
1. Stained glass - they help me focus on God and realize it is time for worship. When the light shines through the glass it almost takes your breath away.
2. New members - I love it when new people come in and join our church; visitors are great, but new family members are very special.
3. Mission - I can give my life to our mission - to learn together and invite others to become committed followers of Jesus Christ. Sort of sounds Biblical!
4. Growing Diversity - The average age in our community is 38.9, the fastest growing segment is younger hispanics. This is such a great opportunity. I can’t wait until our church looks exactly like our community and I bet God can’t either.
5. Ice machine - a little selfish I know, but I drink H20 all day and having ice is awesome!
6. Choir - If there are 5 or 15 members in choir they sing so well and sound great. I know in some churches choirs are out of style, but I always worship better when the choir is leading out and engaging God.
7. Staff - some are paid, some are volunteer, all are quality servant leaders who view their position as a place to help others connect with God. They are priceless!
8. Values - Servant Leadership, Prayerful Dependence on God, Missionary Mindset, Personal Spiritual Development, Encouraging Relationships, Participating in Worship - these are the building blocks of a healthy church.
9. Encouragement - A note, kind word, prayer or hug...these things happen every day when one is connected to WHBC. I can’t remember when I have been at church and was not somehow encouraged by another.
10. Multiple Generations - Generations don’t always see eye to eye, but we all need each other. We can all learn from each other! Older can benefit from the energy of the younger, younger need the wisdom of the older. Couples that been married a long, long time, need to see young love and young love needs the gentleness of old love. Kids who are opening their hearts to Jesus help us remember when and individuals who are working long hours and serving move us to serve.
A great article about the top 10 Happiest Countries in the World. Made me smile just looking at it.
An interesting article about when to let kids quit things. If you are a grandparent, share with your kids they will love you for it.
REMEMBER - our 9/11 service where we will thank and pray for servant-leaders/first responders in our community. Invite a friend or family member and bring them with you.
If you are facing a difficult decision, life change or need clarity, I would love to 'coach' you. Coaching sessions generally last 30-45 minutes and I act as a sounding board or 'white board' to help you discover next steps. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you would like to try out 'coaching.'

Pastor Chris
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