What a meaningful time of worship we had this Sunday. I am excited about taking a deeper look into discipleship and 'Going Deep with God' for the next few weeks.
I have always found the summer to be a great opportunity to press in and learn a lot about God. I pray your summer is fruitful in your spiritual growth.
On Sunday I gave you a suggestion to take 2 minutes of silence before God prior to your Bible reading and 2 minutes of silence after your Bible reading as a 'new discipline' to use for spiritual growth. Silence can be intimidating, some of the best advice when using silence as a spiritual discipline I have received is to simply count out 7 breaths. Then start over at 1 and count out (silently) 7 more breaths. It helps the mind to stay focused on being in front of God. Hope that helps. Let me know if the silence works or if you have questions about spiritual growth.
Here is some interesting health research from a fine institution: http://www.baylor.edu/mediacommunications/news.php?action=story&story=170999 
Thom Rainer has a couple of very good articles that are always thought provoking:
Stay cool and enjoy summer 'going deep!'

Pastor Chris
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