Hello all,
I was up here at 6am with some guy's this morning learning how to be Kingdom Men. I am so encouraged how our WHU classes are going this summer. Thanks for all who are serving and I am noticing how healthy these groups have been for our church. I sense some great movement in our church health. When God's people get togetehr to pray, study the Bible and laugh - GREAT things happen. Our welcome center should be up and finished by August, it is going to be great to have this back!
I put together a demographic summary of the church you can access this here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EVBqSuhVkQ0P3sfUXjDd-vkn2KrL27U4FfNhPCidhlg/edit?usp=sharing 
How do we become a church that welcomes guests? I think this is the question we all have to wrestle with. Welcoming guests, especially non-christians into church takes a lot of thought. Think about a foreign-exchange student coming to live with you and what they would feel and think. That is similar to someone who is not involved in a church entering our doors for the first time. Here is an article that may help you.
Kelly forwarded me a great article about how you can pray for your children (and I would say grandchildren). Check it out and start praying specifically for them. It would be great if some folks would 'prayer adopt' the two little girls in Kristy's class and commit to praying for them. Tell Kristy and she will be so excited!
Got kids or grandkids who can't keep their nose away from a screen, this article may help.
Here is a great song for your weekend to get ready to worship!

- Pastor Chris
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