Good Friday to You.
I hope you are well and I am looking forward to the new series we are starting on Sunday that is called Distinct. It is a series about how our relationships can and should be Distinct as followers of Jesus. I am praying that this 5-week series will help us all strenghten our relationships with others and also the Distinct love we share will lead people to Jesus.
I found a fun article you might like about this:
Also a video that might make you laugh:
if that doesn't work try this:
Keep Ricky and Yvette in your prayers as they minister in the prisons this weekend. I would love to hear how your 7-day Challenge went? Did you encounter someone who needed God's love? Let me know your story.
My favorite quote of my readings this week was from Spiritual Leadership by Blackaby:
If Christians around the world were to suddenly renounce their personal agendas, their life goals and their aspirations, and begin responding in radical obedience to everything God showed them, the world would be turned upside down. How do we know? Because that's what first century Christians did, and the world is still talking about it.
How can I pray for You?


Pastor Chris
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