Dear Friends,
I wanted to update you on a few things and let you know of some upcoming events.
1. Our new church signs have been ordered and should be installed prior to Easter. As we mentioned in a previous note, the Deacons have been working on obtaining the required ‘Doing Business As’ documents for Western Hills Community Church. This is the first big step as we move forward into God’s future serving our community. We are planning to have the sign up just prior to Easter.
2. We have begun to spruce up the Fellowship Hall with new blinds and light covers. We will also be replacing all of the light bulbs in the Sanctuary. These are all important steps in our overall plan of reaching out to our community. In fact a visitor to our church mentioned recently to me that we need to replace the burned out light bulbs. The appearance of our building is very important as it lets people know we care about where we meet and want to have a nice place for our guests. (Thanks to all who have pitched in to help out!)
Upcoming Events –
In response to the Deacon request, we will hold a Western Hills 101 class on Sunday 4/2 & 4/9 in the Fellowship hall at 9.30am. This will help any who are interested see how we are staying true to our theological roots and will continue to partner with Baptist Mission efforts. The class will also orient attenders and guests to our church strategy. Please email if you are going to be attending so we can print resources
The Miracle of Mercy, spiritual growth campaign will begin on Easter Sunday and run for 8 weeks. This spiritual growth campaign will help us all gain a deeper appreciation for the mercy God has given us and help us share that mercy with other people. Our Connection Groups will focus on this topic and will be a great place to invite others. The Connection Groups will not be tied to the sermon, so those who do not attend our church would be able to be involved beautifully. Please begin to pray for our church to grow during this emphasis.
On Easter Sunday we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt on our front lawn (near the Welcome Center) at 10am prior to the service. This will be a unique opportunity to reach out to our community and invite them to church. We will be providing some refreshments and having family pictures made. Please stop by the church office and pick up some plastic eggs to fill! We will have the egg bin out on Sunday so you can pick up some empty eggs as well.
God loves our community and it is such a pleasure to be able to serve with you!

– Pastor Chris
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