July 14, 2017

As we continue to think, pray and plan about being the healthiest church we can possible be - having both a mission and purpose becomes very important. Both these statements are taken from Jesus' great commandment found in Mark and the great commission found in Matthew. The Bible is always our best guide.
The mission of WHCC is to learn together and invite others to become committed followers of Jesus Christ.
Purpose Statement - We were each created by God to...
Know God personally, (Worship)
Participate in God's family, (Fellowship)
Grow spiritually, (Discipleship)
Serve God's church (Ministry)
& Share God's love with others. (Evangelism)
What would happen if we all gave our lives to these activities? Would our relationships and situations change? (food for thought)
A big part of our movement to church health will be facilitated by our CLASS system. If you are more interested in the CLASS descriptions please read here. CLASS 101 is for new members, but 201, 301 and 401 are for everyone! Watch for the next CLASS session.
Have you ever discovered a place of ministry where you can serve God's Church? Read this article to get you thinking that way.
Here is an article about awkwardness and evangelism (I know none of us have this, lol)
Another video that made me smile.
Praying for you,


June 30, 2017

I hope you are ready for a great weekend, I know I am. The first week of WHU is complete and it was great. I enjoyed hearing about the missionary Rick Johnson's trips to India and as he was talking I imagined I was hearing the Apostle Paul speak. He said that every time he preaches an average of 4 people come to Christ, and these are Hindu's. Rick concluded his talk by praying for our church that God would make us uncomfortable until we say yes! What a great prayer. I hope you can make the future talks we have this summer.
In 2 weeks on 7/9/16 we will have CLASS 201 - GrowthPoint! This is a class about spiritual growth - an introduction to spiritual habits you will use the rest of your life to grow closer to God. Email Mirna at office@westernhills.life to secure your spot in this class.
Here is a great article about going when God says go.
Here is an article about 5 Ways to Climb Out of a Spiritual Rut - I am praying for you if you are in a rut.
A leadership quote from Urban Meyer
“I’ve come to learn that leadership is not automatically granted to you because of your position or your salary or the size of your office. Leadership is influence based on trust that you have earned. A leader is not someone who declares what he wants and then gets angry when he doesn’t get it. A true leader is someone who is going someplace and taking people with him, a catalyst for elite performance who enables people to achieve things they wouldn’t achieve on their own. A leader is someone who earns trust, sets a clear standard, and then equips and inspires people to meet that standard.”
Finally, have you memorized our series verse? James 1.2-3 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. (NIV)
Praying for you! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

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