October 22, 2015

One thing remains the same, things change. The more I visit with pastors and talk with people involved with churches around the state, the more I realize we are not alone in the challenges we face. In order to 'be church' there are a lot of new skills we are going to have to acquire, much like our friends Tom and Joan Norman did when they were on the mission field. This is why one of our church values is having a missionary mindset. The reality for us at WHBC is that if we are going to be here in a few years, we each have to take the responsibility of being missionaries.
1. Invite people to worship.
2. Go out of their way to ask people how they are doing.
3. Pray for people they come in contact with.
4. Give their finances to God's work generously.
5. Worship God with joy and thanksgiving.
6. Are on the lookout to find people who are not connected with God and serve them in Jesus name.
I am sure there are a lot more actions of a missionary, but that is a great list to start with. Are you being a missionary?
A couple of interesting articles I came across you may find interesting:
This first one How to Recognize Spiritually Receptive People in Your Community helps us missionaries identify spiritually receptive people in our area.
This second article
5 Practices of a Peaceful Home, helps us be missionaries with our familes.

I also ran across this prayer from a 17th century St. Dimitri I though you might find useful.
Come, my Light, and illumine my darkness.
Come, my Life, and revive me from death.
Come, my Physician, and heal my wounds.
Come, Flame of divine love, and burn up the thorns of my sins, kindling my heart with the flame of thy love.
Come, my King, sit upon the throne of my heart and reign there.
For thou alone art my King and my Lord.

Pastor Chris

August 25, 2015

For a couple of years we (WHBC) have taken part in feeding the hungry all over the world. Every 5th Sunday in a month we collect money to send to the Texas Baptists Hunger Offering. Hunger is real for people in Tarrant County, in Texas, in the USA and around the world. I can remember when Kelly and I were a young married couple with two kids, serving in a church and going to seminary full time. We qualified for a program called WIC which provided basic food at a low price. Food such as milk, eggs and cheese helped the Cobb’s stay healthy for a short period of time. I can also remember the level of shame mixed with gratitude we felt each time we used our coupons. We did what we had to do and accepted the help with humility. Maybe this is why we try to send money each 5th Sunday offering to the Texas Baptists Hunger Offering, so we can help others who are in need (where we once were). There is enough food produced in the world today for every person to be nourished so they can be both healthy and productive. However people still go to bed hungry.
All, 100%, the total amount, the ‘whole enchilada’...of our contributions to this offering go directly to support hunger relief and development ministries here in Texas and around the world. What can my pennies collect do when I give? They can be combined with others pennies to feed people in Africa, send meals and food out in the USA, provide agriculture education and jobs in Zimbabwe, provide clean water and a sewing school (so people can make money to buy food) in Kathmandu and help feed hungry toddlers in Paraguay.
Giving to the Texas Baptists Hunger Offering when there is a 5th Sunday in the month is a simple way to help people all over the world. The writer of proverbs wrote, Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” (Proverbs 31:8)
The great thing is that the food distributed does not simply fill the body, but is being used to teach people about Jesus thus filling their soul as well. A pastor overseas who receives funds from this offering said, “Having a water well on our church property has made us a leader in our village. Now we have a new voice every day, and we are able to be living water.”
Please continue to collect your coins (and add some paper bills as well) to you collection bank each week so that this offering is well supplied. This is one of the neatest things we Texas Baptists are a part of and it is reaching people all over the world in Jesus name.
– Pastor Chris
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