September 8, 2017

Did you know Grandparents day is this Sunday? Why not start a new tradition and honor your grandparents? Here is an article to think of some ways to let your grandparents know you love them (if you are a grandparent share this with your kids!)
Our Connection Groups will be starting up in a couple weeks, please consider joining one as it is a place you will find encouraging relationships, support, bible study and prayer.
Do you have a relationship that is strained or even broken? I ran across this article that may just help you restore your relationship. I'm praying all goes well!
If you are dealing with anxiety or stress I want to encourage you to try the ancient Christian practice of silent prayer. I try to spend a few minutes each day in silence before God. I don't try to fix anything, request anything, solve anything or confess anything. I simply say 'God I am going to sit in your presence for a while, your will be done.' When my mind wanders, I simply catch it and bring it back to sitting in God's presence. I have found this practice, over time to be very helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and connecting with God. Start with a minute or two and shoot for five minutes. I would love to hear how this is going.

Psalm 46.10 He says. "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."
We are starting an important series at church Sunday - Choosing Life - a journey through the 8 steps to freedom. This will be a look at the Beatitudes of Jesus in a way you have never experienced. Why not invite a friend?
And finally, because you need to laugh WATCH THIS. Barry will be having a seminar on this following church Sunday (just kidding).
I have attached our Married People monthly newsletter for those of you who may have missed it last week. I listened to the podcast this week and it was stellar!
Praying for you to experience God this week.
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