Our Mission

The mission of WHCC is to learn together and invite others to become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

We were each created by God to...
Know God personally. (Worship)
Participate in God's family. (Fellowship)
Grow spiritually. (Discipleship)
Serve God's church. (Ministry)
& Share God's love with others. (Evangelism)

Our Vision

We envision a church that is the heartbeat of our community, pulsating the life giving love of Jesus into every nook and cranny of our area. A church whose mission is to learn together and invite others to be committed followers of Jesus Christ.
We envision a church that consistently enters God's presence and becomes God's expression of grace and love to our community. Where each Sunday morning we meet for worship that is interesting, inviting and vibrant where people expect to meet God and participate in worship and service to their Creator. We will be a church where individuals seek to serve God not be served. Our worship will help people become open and attentive to God on 'non church days' Monday through Saturday. We envision our people will have the skills and confidence to share their faith in Jesus with thousands of friends, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances, many who will place their trust in Jesus Christ. Through special services, community events and neighborhood outreach we will invite and give our community easy access to experience the power of being connected with a local church and connected with God.
Together we will learn how to be committed followers of Jesus Christ. Our Bible Study, small groups and training system will help link us together in healthy/strong relationships that honor God in every way, focusing on transformation. Our system of small groups will meet on and off campus where people learn, serve, forgive, care, pray, lead, follow and receive support. We will be a group of people personally committed to our own spiritual development and through engaging in spiritual practices, accountable relationships and spiritual coaching we will see relationships healed, addictions erased, families restored, children and youth encouraged to serve Christ with their whole lives and whole hearts.
We envision a church that meets the needs of our community in Jesus' name, using every asset and resource to invite people to become committed followers of Jesus. Each of our members discovering a place to serve within and outside the church, taking on the role of missionary in our community and in the world. Each member fully equipped and trained to minister in the name of Jesus. Appreciating our heritage as a church plant, we envision being involved in the starting of new churches.
We envision a church that is more interested in Kingdom growth than obtaining money or possessions. Where people value God over finances and the result is that our blessings are used by God to reach and save a lost and dying world.
This is our dream, our vision about what life could be like here at WHCC.

Our Values

Prayerful Dependence on God
Servant Leadership
Encouraging Relationships
Missionary Mindset
Participating in Worship
Personal Spiritual Development


Connect with Us
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